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DIY Gift Bow: Make it & Take a Bow ;)

So I stumbled across a super awesome bow template this week on Pinterest and I immediately got to thinking
how sweetly handmade the bows can be if they were stamped!

I was so excited to make up these bows (which, by the way, I made riiiiight after sending two bowless gifts through the mail – aw man)
so I wanted to share with you this sweet and surprisingly easy DIY.

((Bonus: They also look cute flat!))

Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow

What you’ll need:
Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow 1. Printed bow template (from how about orange) – I printed mine on Paper & More’s linen cardstock and I LOVE the added texture/durability it gives the bow.

2. Tape – Strong tape works best, depending on the paper. You can also use glue OR superglue, if you pinky-promise not to glue your fingers together.

3. Scissors

4. Stamp – I used the modern triangles pattern stamp from my shop, Creatiate, along with a small acrylic block so I could see the pattern through the mount as I stamped.

5. Ink – I used a set of Color Box pigment ink pads

How to Make:

1. Take your printed template, ink up your stamp & and stamp right onto it.
And seriously – just stamp. Mistakes often add to the awesome and remind the recipient that you made it yourself.
(If it helps, you can always sing “Just Stamp” to yourself to the tune of “Just Dance.” – It’s gonna be okay – da da, doo doo – Just Stamp!)

Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow

I didn’t stamp the little rectangle pieces for mine, I like the “clean” look they get on the final bows.

2. Wait for the ink to dry & then Cut. It. Out.

Cut inside the black lines. Again, no perfection needed here.
And once you cut that little rectangle out, try to remember not to throw it away. I accidentally threw mine away at least 3 times!

Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow

3. Assemble the bow w/tape

The “How About Orange” blog goes into more detail about the assembly, but I found it to be fairly easy.
If you’re using a heavier stock like I did, you may need super strong tape or superglue to keep it from wanting to stay flat.

Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow

4. Take a Bow

Once your awesome bow has been completed, admire your handiwork and, as my motto goes,
Create what you love & love what you create!

Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow

(I also did a bow with the Lotus Blossom stamp from my shop on canvas paper, too, which will be perfect for Mother’s Day!)

Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow Creatiate Blog: DIY Stamped Gift Bow

That’s all folks!
Thanks for enjoying this fun project with me ♥

Springtime Garden Party – DIY Stamped Clay Gift Tag ♥

Hey y’all – like many others out there I am just aching for Springtime – so I decided to make up this cheery project that will hopefully send some warmth your way…
It is a surprisingly simple project for a super sweet DIY clay gift tag.

DIY Tutorial Stamped Clay Tag Gift | Creatiate

What you’ll Need:

1. Wrapped package – the gift in the photo is wrapped with printer paper & stamped with a Polka Dot Pattern Stamp

2. Clay –  Creative Paperclay is a great option for an easy air-dry clay, I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby

3. Twine – I used “Honeydew” twine from The Twinery

4. Rubber Stamp – Here I used the Creatiate rubber stamp found here: Happy, Happy, Happy Stamp

5. Needle or other pointed tool

How to Make:

DIY Clay Tag Gift Tutorial | Creatiate

1. Roll the clay into a ball and press flat with your hands or a flat surface such as an acrylic block or book. Paperclay is a bit more crumbly than a regular polymer clay, so if you don’t get the full imprint the first time don’t be discouraged! Just repeat until you have the desired effect – I like for them to look a bit like a wax envelope seal. Once you’ve got the imprint you like, set the clay aside to dry (polymer clay would need to be baked instead). Once clay is dry, the “crackly” portion should be completely solid – you may want to leave your tag to dry overnight.

DIY Clay Tag Gift Tutorial | CreatiateDIY Clay Tag Gift Tutorial | Creatiate

2. After the gift has been wrapped, I added a bit of twine around the package in 4 straight lines and taped the bottom of the package so the twine will stay in place.

DIY Clay Tag Gift Tutorial | CreatiateDIY Tutorial Stamped Clay Tag Gift | Creatiate

3. Once the clay has dried enough that the outer portion is solid & will not crack, carefully press a needle through the top portion. It is helpful as well to attach your twine now and thread it through from the middle (so that it forms a loop). Pass the two ends of the twine that haven’t been threaded into the clay through the loop that the twine creates for your tag.

DIY Tutorial Stamped Clay Tag Gift | Creatiate

4. Thread the two loose ends of your gift tag through the four strands of twine on your gift – going over and under alternating strands. Loop the thread around the top strand and then weave back and forth a few more times ending at the top and leaving enough twine at the ends to tie a small bow. You may want to tighten up the twine so that the 4 strands taped to the box come closer together where you’ve woven the tag through it.

DIY Clay Tag Gift Tutorial | Creatiate

5. Finally, tie a small bow at the top of your gift box and trim the ends of your twine.

And that’s it! You’ve got a unique, handmade gift tag & sweet wrap perfect for a happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy anyday!

DIY Clay Tag Gift Tutorial | Creatiate